ISO 9001 Consulting

ISO 9001 is the international quality management standard. It helps any company, certified or not, providing any product/service, anywhere in the world, improve customer satisfaction.

An ISO 9001 system helps your company, certified or not, consistently meet customer needs, boosting customer satisfaction. And, when your company gets ISO 9001 certified, your quality reputation is enhanced, and keeps improving via regular quality training for management and employees.

  1. Helps your company expand sales, especially into markets in which your company must often be ISO 9001 certified to participate (automotive, defense, heavy equipment, aerospace).
  2. Improves quality management, i.e. focus on customer needs / customer satisfaction.
  3. Boosts your company's international credibility.
  4. Places your company in an elite category of ISO certified businesses.
  5. Keeps management ready for external audits of all kinds.
  6. Promotes improvement of quality practices.
  7. Provides competitive advantage. When you're ISO certified, you stand out from the pack.
  1. An ISO 9001 quality system, supported by management leadership and regular training, moves your company from detecting to preventing errors and problems, cutting costs.
  2. Creates consistency throughout the company built around "best quality practices".
  3. Improves business performance.
  4. Lessens dependence on key individuals, from management on down.
  5. Ensures consistent quality training throughout the company.
  6. Improves management control of the company with quality performance indicators and internal audit of key quality processes.

ISO 9001 certified companies find that documented ISO 9001 quality systems add value by reducing "costs of poor quality."

No. You can integrate ISO 9001 with ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, etc. This improves company management oversight and leverages training.

To become ISO 9001 certified, a company must undergo and pass a rigorous audit by an approved audit company ("registration body").

To stay ISO 9001 certified, the company must undergo and pass re-audits to prove it still meets ISO 9001 quality requirements. Staying ISO compliant requires management leadership, regular training, internal audits, etc. More detail here.

Since 1995, Kantner & Company consultants have guided hundreds of companies to become certified to ISO, OHSAS, and other standards.

Kantner & Company ISO 9001 consulting and training helps your company - management and staff:

  • Build, step by step, an ISO 9001 quality management system
  • Train your team in ISO 9001 quality management practices
  • Ensure quality management awareness and leadership
  • Select the best ISO 9001 certification firm for your particular situation;
  • Pass an ISO 9001 certification audit to help your company become - and stay - ISO 9001 certified.

Kantner & Company also provides ISO certified companies with contract internal audit, management guidance, and quality training.