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ISO 9001 document template set

download documents instantlyThe ISO 9001 quality management standard requires documented procedures in six different areas. Besides that, the Standard has other documentation requirements that must be met.

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Here are editable templates for 5 procedures that cover the 6 procedure requirements (we combine corrective and preventive action into one procedure), in Word format. Included is a fully editable template (in Excel format) for the required Quality Manual. This covers the rest of the mandatory documentation requirements in the Standard (except of course for records, which are a different matter).

We've developed these templates over 20 years of working with hundreds of ISO 9001 clients all over North America. Once edited to fit particular clients's circumstances, and effectively implemented, they easily pass audits.

Order now at our secure server, and download the documents seconds later! To see a sample page from an ISO 9001 procedure, click here.

These documents come in fully editable Word or Excel format. Ordered separately, the documents would cost $65. Order the complete set (with several free forms) for just $49.95.

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Complete set:
ISO 9001 Document Templates
This fully editable set of templates, in Word or Excel format, includes five procedures (Control of Nonconforming Product, Control of Records, Corrective and Preventive Action, Document Control, Internal Audit) covering the six procedure requirements of ISO 9001. (See below for details about each.) You also receive a template for the required Quality Manual, ready to tailor to fit your process. Included free of charge are several key forms: Corrective Action Request, Preventive Action Request, and Records Schedule. 49.95  Add to Cart

Rob Kantner

"The Names have been Changed"

a blog by Rob Kantner

How not to pass an ISO audit

While helping an Ohio manufacturer implement its ISO 9001 quality system, we found that their plant manager kept customer specifications in a folder in his desk.

But not just current customer specifications. There were also obsolete specs, memos, quality alerts, and other mostly irrelevant scraps of paper. It was, frankly, a ratty, disorganized mess.

When I insisted that the specs be sorted out, kept up to date, and controlled, the manager got more than a little indignant. But he worked with us to create a nice neat folder of just the current specifications, with appropriate controls.

Months later, when the ISO certification auditor asked the plant manager if he had the customer specifications, he reached into a drawer and pulled out. . .wait for it. . .that old nasty ratty disorganized folder of current and obsolete specs.

"I about had a heart attack," the firm's ISO management rep told me later.

And the audit could have gone seriously sideways at that point. Fortunately, the auditor, when presented with the up to date folder of current specs, accepted it, and was content to write only an observation about the obsolete folder.

Which went into the shredder that very day.

How did this happen? It was a combination of inattentiveness (to say the least) on the plant manager's part; lack of follow-through on the consultant's part, and a less than thorough internal audit, which should have caught the problem when everything else failed.

June 17, 2015

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