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We help organizations of all kinds meet your quality, environmental, and safety management system challenges with expert guidance, effective education, and field-tested products. Whether you're certified or not -- interested in ISO 9001 or ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949, or OHSAS 18001 --
help is here.

Free ISO 9001 "all about" seminar
at your site

ISO 9001 quality management seminars are available lots of places, for a cost.

Now you can attend one, put on by an ISO 9001 expert, right in your facility, free of charge.

For a limited time, we'll come to your site to provide your management team with a half day seminar on ISO 9001, the international quality management standard and mark of excellence, at absolutely no cost or obligation to you.

In just a few short hours you'll learn what ISO 9001 is about. What it requires. Benefits and advantages, perils and pitfalls.

You'll also learn the steps to follow to implement a system and achieve internationally respected ISO 9001 certification.

And it's no sales pitch. Just nuts-and-bolts, down to earth, practical education, without all the quality-speak.

Did we mention it's free? And with no further obligation?

But you have to act fast. Offer ends October 31, 2014. Availability is limited, so call Rob Kantner at 989-289-6005 today!

Free ISO 14001
implementation road map

Have you ever implemented in ISO 14001 environmental management system?

We have. Many times.

And now, we've summarized our proven approach to the task in graphical form.

(Hover over the thumbnail to see an expanded view!

It's our exclusive ISO 14001 Implementation Road Map. It outlines all the generic steps necessary to design, develop, and implement an effective ISO 14001 environmental management system.

Best of all, it's free. Just complete and submit the form below and we'll upload the .pdf format road map to you right away.

Send ISO 14001 Implementation Road Map to:

Feature of the week

Looking for an ISO registrar?

Feature of the Week

We've been working with registration (a/k/a "certification") companies for over 15 years. And we've seen it all: the good, the indifferent, the bad, and the truly awful.

If you are planning to get ISO certified in the near future - or if you're thinking about changing registrars - here's a tip. Request our Recommended Registrar List now. This is a very small list of what we consider to be the very best in the business.

We're not connected to or tied in with any of them in any way. And obviously we cannot be held responsible for whatever decisions you make. Consider the list a good starting point. Send for it today.


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